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Adapting Along the Timeline of Dementia Presented by Heather McKay, PhD, OT/L, Dementia Care Specialist

Dementia care teams, including inter-professional partners and families, are often supporting individuals living with dementia for a decade or longer. Recognizing changes throughout the progressive disease and providing “the right care at the right time” can feel like detective work. Occupational Therapist and dementia care specialist, Dr. Heather McKay presents this class designed to help caregivers recognize predictable changes along the disease progression and adapt to meet the evolving needs of those living with the disease and their myriad caregivers. In this class, participants learn about the timeline of dementia in 5 stages and strategies that support people living with the disease and their families at every stage. Furthermore, participants will learn ways that they can monitor and maintain their own brain health at any age.


November 1, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm